Hello, my name is Max. I got started in photography in 2004, when I got my first digital camera. Little by little photography became a way of understanding the world, a way to pass my feelings in a picture.

Over the years my equipment and my vision of the world has changed many times. Now I see that photography is a reflection of the photographer in a subject that is in front of the lens. Feelings of the man with a camera at the moment when he takes photos — this is a very important aspect that affects the result. This emotion can be read in images. That is what connects photography and psychology.

Of course, technical side of photography is very important. Good understanding of the essence of the photographic process, perfect knowledge how the camera works, feeling of composition — these are bases without which it is impossible to work. But photographer must look deeper, he must always try to pass the heart of things, the soul. It’s not so hard, when you use your heart. All the good things in the world are made with love, and photography is not an exception.


I was born in 1984 in Ukraine, and since that time I have changed many living locations. I lived in quite different areas in Russia. An important part of my life was spent in Saint Petersburg. This city plays a great role in my life. Here I created a series of gloomy cityscapes called «Esoterics of the city», here I became acquainted with many talented people, and here my portrait photography experience started.

Now I actually live in two cities: Saint Petersburg in the north, and Sochi in the south. These contrasts give me a lot of inspiration.

By the way, in the past I published my works under the alias Max Dart. Maybe, you saw my works with this signature.